Squamish Plant Names & Words
Spruce tips

Spruce tips

Cottonwood buds

Cottonwood buds

Rose: kalkáy   (cal - kay)

Stinging nettle: ts’exts’íx (tsa-ixts-ay-h)

Fireweed: xach’t (ha-ch-t)

Poplar: kw’enikwáy  (kwa-in-i-kway)

Yarrow: sí7semachxw (sea-sema-ch-wh) as in the first part of whisper

Flower: Spák’em (spa-ahk-eem)

Beauty: nach’ím (notch-aim)

Calm waters:Yákw’i7

Winter: tem t’ikw (tem-teak-qua)

Move to the outdoors: txw7utsk

Fresh (about water): ts’áwam

Heal: k’eytl’ (ka-eh-til)

Plant that relieves sore muscles: pá7pawtn (pa-pow-tin)

Warm: kw’as (kwa-as)

Warm oneself: nékwentsut (neck-went-suit)

Soft: níkw’em (nake-wum)




We honour the teachers who have carried this knowledge forward.

Leigh Joseph